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Green Kiwi re-usable and easy to use fake nails
Nail art trends is one of hottest accessories for 2013

  • Much cheaper compare to the charges in manicures.
  • Can be use again.
  • Very easy to use, using double sided tape, so it take few minutes to apply.
  • Prefer apply clear coating on top. So that it will take less than 1 minute to take it off.
  • Strong enough to stick on the nails, no problem washing hand, even washing hair.

    Nearly all fake nails in the market are being applied by using nail glue, very difficult to remove (so, student, muslims, those working in food processing field, etc etc cannot use).

    This is also different from nail stickers available outside, that one stick on your on nails, if your nails shape not nice, it wont give you nice effect, as we all have the same experience, we are very difficult to keep our nails long and nice shape.

    For most people, they can keep my left hand nails longer and in good shape, but since most people are right handed, it is very difficult to keep their right hand nails very long, and always cracked by the edge, so if you used nail sticker, your hands would not look nice. But with this new products, it will solve your problem. You can check our photos, the one with snake skin and peacock designs.

    Most fake nail available in the market does not use double sided tape because cannot hold the fake nails. If you use the normal double sided tape available in the market, after applying the 1st pc of fake nail, before you can apply the 2nd one, the 1st one already fell off when you touch something. The double sided tape that we provide, is very strong, of course it is much more expensive.

    Nails package contained:
  • 12pcs different sizes
  • 2 sheets double sided tape.

    How to use:
  • Step 1: Wash hand with soap before use
  • Step 2: Choose the size
  • Step 3: Stick the double side tape
  • Step 4: Trim and cut the double side tape
  • Step 5: Peel of the double side tape
  • Step 6: Stick it on your nail

    Price : RM 30.00
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